Território Indígena do Xingu


Arewana Juruna and Kujaesage Kaiabi are indigenous communicators and filmmakers living in the Xingu Indigenous territory in Mato Grosso, Brazil, where 16 indigenous peoples live and protect the forests of the Xingu river basin. The entire Amazon is threatened and seriously endangered by deforestation for timber, mining, cattle ranching, industrial agriculture and other extractive projects. The Brazilian government has implemented policies that favour the destruction of the forests, putting at risk the survival of both the Amazon and the indigenous peoples who inhabit and protect it. Over the last few years, deforestation has increased more than ever. Indigenous communicators in Brazil have played a very important role in raising awareness about the importance of protecting the forests and have denounced the destructive policies of the current Brazilian government. Moreover, Brazil’s indigenous communicators have a great track record and serve as an example for other indigenous communicators in Latin America. The Intercultural Meeting of communicators was able to support the process of communicators from the Indigenous Territory of Xingu. communications.