Mitã Xipaya is a young communicator from the Xipaya people in Medio Xingú, in Altamira, Pará. Altamira is the largest municipality in Brazil. The Belo Monte dam, one of the largest dams in the world, was built there. The construction of Belo Monte brought serious social problems to Altamira for both the indigenous and non-indigenous population. Altamira has shown a very high degree of social decomposition since the arrival of the dam, affecting mainly the youngest people. So much so that the suicide rate among the youth of Altamira is very high. This is why Altamira’s youth communication collectives are so important, not only to denounce the failure of Belo Monte, but also to motivate young people to transform the present and the future of Altamira. Mitã is part of the UJIMX (Union of Indigenous Youth of the Middle Xingú).

Publications of the communication team

First audio newsletter

In this newsletter, we will transmit the main news and information related to us, the young people.

Realisation by Mita Xipaya and Lorena Curuaia

In memory of Lilo Clareto

During the accompaniment of the Altamira communicators’ process, Covid took away Lilo Clareto, a photographer and a very important colleague for the Altamira community and the work with young people. Perhaps the death of Lilo and thousands of others could have been avoided if the Bolsonaro government had implemented an effective vaccination strategy. But the Brazilian government’s policies denied the severity of the pandemic and this severely harmed the most vulnerable populations. We dedicate this project to the memory of the great Lilo Clareto. 

Lilo Clareto

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